Football in a football stadium

by Chris Klaver

We, and our friends Tom and Lisa, had a wonderful Saturday!

The day began with a yummy lunch at Torres Mexican Food in Denver.  As is my predilection, I opted for the chicken mole plate.  It was a sizable serving of beans, rice, and chicken parts.  Tom and I each ordered jumbo margaritas to wash down our meals.  Jumbo is an understatement.   These drinks were enormous.  Notice two things in the photo below:  (1) Lisa is holding a normal size margarita and (2) the size of Tom's melon relative to his drink.  As I said, enormous; not his head, the drink.

Tom and Lisa with drinks

The highlight of the day was attending the Guinness International Champions Cup game between Manchester United and AS Roma.  We were able to view some high-profile players such as Wayne Rooney and Chicharito.  We also saw an incredible goal by Pjanic.

We ended the day at Work & Class, one of the hottest dining locations in Denver right now.  Overall, the food was really good.


by Chris Klaver

So much has happened in the year since my last post.  I'm not even sure where to I won't begin.

Mariela and I currently planning a trip to Australia to visit our friends Mark and Lisa.  We fully expect to have a grand time!  The planning for the trip has been less than pleasant - due to so many options for lodging which at first glance appear to be great, but then turn into dumps before our very eyes.  To top it off, Australia is crazy expensive - even when I've received a free ticket on Virgin Australia from LAX.  We had hoped to be saving money by selecting Australia over our pricey first choice, Europe.  You might think that a free flight from LAX and about 6 days of free lodging would make it less money, but in the end it will be the same price or more.  Oh well.

Meanwhile, we are riding a wave of World Cup joy after Spain's thrashing by The Netherlands and Costa Rica's 3-1 victory over Uruguay.  


here we go

by Chris Klaver

I'm certain you'll notice right away the new layout design.  Simple.  Clear.  Hopefully multi-device friendly.  I'll probably tweak some aspects, but not right now.  Google+ and Twitter sharing links are enabled and I've limited the Threads posts to four (4) per page.  Enjoy, and let me know of any issues encountered.